Friday, October 10, 2008


Well.. today was a boring day...
i went to movie with ...
its Money No Enough..quite touched..but im stil yc,ly,yl,hy,cy laughing..haha
10.10.2008 now..
Im going to be 17 on this 16th Oct..
Still thinking wat i wanna do on my birthday..
im not going to clubbing on that day..
Staying home and play game i guess..
since nothing's fun for me without her now..
im aiming someone new now...
Still thinking shud i.. because im leaving malaysia soon..
i'l leave her lonely if im not around..
damn.. its hard choice.. i dont wanna play around anymore..
+ She is my mei.. if i play her.. i'll hurt myself..
i guess.. i need more time to think for my future..
i dont want white hairs~!! T__T haha
its 2.48 now.. im going to sleep soon..

Currently hearing : Dolla - Feelin' Myself.

Monday, October 6, 2008


After U Break up..
thing goes..
im crazy =)
Im KENNY - without myself in it =)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Questions

I Dont know how to reply..
i want you girl.. its just you..
i want u to understand wat is like and love..
you never tried to forget him.. you're lying.
i know. its hard.. like i am now...
i thinks about u every night..
u were different..
i accompanied you all the time..ALL!
me? even my friends leaves me.
all my friends are lies.
i dont hav faith in them...
Thats me.


Thursday, October 2, 2008


Things are getting worst day by day...
my tears drop when i heard the song [ take a bow ]..
i cried when i heard the song [ miss you ]
it truly meant for me..
im tired of avoiding myself and my emotion..
Songs were the true feeling of mine..
i miss you shing yee...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What A long time i didnt blogging..!! well.. i saw SMK MAHSURI's New Blog opened. So i try log in mine. Unfortunately i cant!. becoz i lost my password! so i try to reset my password.. and i did it. Ths Post Is To hoping SMK MAHSURI'S Chinese Society can make their best to keep on date! =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nowadays Lifes go on so boring... My Daily Lifes go On Wif.. wake up At 1.00pm
Ready myself..2.00pm go shop.. 5pm come home.. play maple while.. then sleep again i guess.. 7.00pm go shop.. back after close shop.. Take a bath.. chat wif friends.. PLay game with friends.. Then Sleep.. How Boring! Haha..Was saving my Money for my December trip!! hehe

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

23th May 2007

- Ponteng 1/2 day school.[Went home at 10.35am with yaw chuan]
- Go Alot Star On 2.30pm
- Went to City Plaza .. Saw Lee Kee Sitting there eatting Mc D ..
- Go to Sahab Perdana [Alor Star] Buy Genting Ticket
- Pts Travel Agent..
- Go Genting in the night at 9.00pm.. Didn't Sleep for the whole night with lee kee..playing psp.. hearing S.H.E new song. and see a couple behind me wahahhaha... funny sia..
- Reached Genting 4.00am.. No Room. Go ronda whole genting.. haha.. saw alots of ppl sleeping at the initial d machine .. so funny..[Room Full][Pity Sometimes] Then go Find [A You] in Genting Cyber World.. chat wif him.. play computer awhile.. then morning.. meet yaw chuan .. Zach Reached at Abt 1.30pm

24th May 2007

- Check in Hotel.. Play in There awhile.. Make Movie.. Playing stupid games..
- Lack Of time to go outdoor.. so play at indoor... Go ghost house.. Bully the ghost..then go play snooker..

25th May 2007
- Go Outdoor with Yi Kang, Zach, Lee Kee, and Yaw chuan.
- 1st time yaw chuan take a ride in Genting..
- Funny emotion he haves..
- Play Space Shot..Wasted Raining.. we gone into Indoor .. I play Dance Dance Revolution [ DDR ] Yaw chuan Play Para-Para Paradise.. and Lee Kee Was taking Yaw Chuan's Video..The World Top 1 Para Para Paradise Player!! KEE YAW CHUAN

- We Went Outdoor Take Pictures .

- Watched Pirate Of The Caribbean 3 in the night..
A very nice movie..

26th May 2007

- Playing In the Indoor Theme Park in the morning..
- 11.30 am Go to Kl Central..From Kl Central[ KTM Komuter ---> Subang Jaya ]
- Take Taxi To Sunway Pyramid ..
- Eat Sushi while waiting for Jo-Ann,Peter,Ivan and Yong..
- Went To Ice Skating In Sunway Pyramid..
- Eat KFC together... Take Photo Wif them..

- Went back in the night... No bus..Wait till 3.00am.. Reached Kedah abt 11.00am..
Go back langkawi and play initial-d in Virtualland.. Then play Snooker with kai zhong... Go back home and be my old kenny~ ^^